The period after retirement is probably when most people yearn for good financial security and welfare. However, we often find that most people after their retirement are left with no money and are left counting their pennies. This can be avoided only with a good retirement plan. Retirement plans can be tricky and due care must be taken when formulating one for yourself. Here are some mistakes that you must avoid to make sure that your retirement plan is effective.

Not Starting your Plan Early Enough
This is a mistake that 80% people do and it costs them all the joys of the entire retirement period. Retirement planning must start from the day you receive your very first income and it is important to set aside some savings for your retirement. The last 30 years of your life depend on these savings and that is what makes them so important. It is important to remember that your 40s and 50s are already too late to start your retirement plan and savings. Your early 30s are the right time to start and starting this early will give you enough time to accumulate funds for your retirement.

Not Investing in Sufficient Medical Insurance
With old-age come a lot of health issues and treating health issues are not very cheap in India. Thus, it is important to invest in medical insurances so that they can be used to cover the expenses of your treatment. If this is not done, you will end up spending a huge part of your retirement savings on your treatment.

Having too Many Accessible Funds
You might have a habit of keeping all of your funds in easily accessible places such as savings accounts. This will result in you using up your funds way before your retirement approaches as its natural tendency to reach out to access funds when the need arises.
The best thing to do is to lock-in funds in an investment that has a higher lock-in period or demands a penalty for early withdrawal. This will help you save your funds for 10-15 years and you will be able to save enough your retirement.

Not Assessing your Retirement Budget Properly
Assessing your retirement budget means calculating the exact amount of money that you will need throughout your retirement. You must be aware of all the expenses that are sure to arise once you have retired and must include them in your retirement plan. It is also important for you to plan a lifestyle that you can afford with your retirement savings. Not doing so, will leave you short of money halfway through your retirement.
Just as necessary as it is to invest in your savings, it is necessary to choose the tools for your investment correct. You must take into consideration the performance of each tool, the risk factor, how much you will be able to invest and so on. The returns that you get from your investments depend on the choices that you make. Thus, it is important to do your research before going ahead and investing.

Once you have carefully avoided these mistakes, you can now plan your retirement effectively and spend the golden years of your life in peace!


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