Life is not a bed of roses. On the contrary it is full of thorns if we do not take action on time to trim the plant as a whole. This is applicable to our financial goals in our life too. Fixing financial goals that are short term and long term in nature is absolutely important. This will help us trim the financial issues that arise from time to time. While fixing short term and long term financial goals are important to safeguard ourselves from financial troubles, acting towards achieving the same is the next logical step.

Saving or investing in different types of Investment options is one of the crucial steps to be taken right from an early age. Be it short term or long term, investing in Best SIP Plans is one of the ways to make ourselves financially strong. Taking the advice of a knowledgeable financial advisor right from the day you start earning your salary helps you create a prudent financial plan. This is the way strong Investment Strategies can be devised from time to time in life. Let us look at 7 financial lessons to learn in your twenties so you can live a financially independent life in your sixties.

Control your spend on Credit Card

When we are in our twenties, we tend to be frivolous and casual about life. Enjoyment is all that matters to us. We don’t mind frittering away all the money we earn in things that offers us pleasure and fun. This is the stage when Credit Card appears to be the God since it allows us to spend money without pain. We tend to spend on unnecessary things just through a swipe of our credit card without realizing that we are slowly becoming a debtor. It is advisable to be aware that everything has a cost attached and so are our credit card payments. Start exercising control over your credit card usage so you can start settling in life soon

Comparison kills

One of the main qualities that act detrimental to our financial growth is comparing us with others. The moment we start comparing what others have and what we do not, the peer pressure starts. Even if we were involved in any financial planning till then based on the advice of our financial consultant we tend to drift away from the same. Focus on your financial goals that you have set based on your requirements. This will help you move forward towards achieving the same in a constant manner.  

Make savings your first priority

During early stages in life, savings appears to be a bugging habit. It appears useless since we fail to think about the future. We focus so much on the present life that savings gets our least priority. Considering savings as your first priority will make you live a stress free retired life. Consult with your financial planner. With his able guidance start investing in Mutual fund products which fetch huge profits on the long run.

Realize that knowledge is a huge investment

Make best use of the time you get during the early stages in life. Avoid investing all your time and effort on your job. Remember, enhancing your knowledge will make you richer since you can leverage the same to your advantage as you age. As time passes by, you will feel so overloaded with commitment and pressures life throws on you that you will not have time to invest in yourself. When you enhance your knowledge, you are paving way for your career development since your resume will speak high of yourself.

Plan based on assured changes

When we are in our twenties, we know that the whole life is spread in front of us. We will be getting married and raising children while taking care of our own career. All these are inevitable and so must be considered when you seek the guidance of Investment consultants to understand about best investment options. Planning for such inevitable commitments and unforeseen exigencies yield maximum returns when initiated during the early stages in life. When a portion of your income is saved towards these aspects, you are saving yourself from getting stressed out.

Go in only for necessities

Avoid yielding to your temptations. Learn to live a simple life. Satisfy all your basic needs and avoid over spending on luxuries. Learning about investment management during the early stage in life has a positive impact on your Portfolio investment on the long run. If you spend more on luxuries during your twenties, your retirement planning will end up in chaos. Reduce on your excessive spending to increase your savings for retirement.

Avoid debts as you age

Debts are an inevitable part of our early life. We take loans for investment purposes. Our investment plans go for a toss due to the mortgage commitments. Getting out of all debts before you reach the mid forties is the best situation. Investing in Pension plans in a parallel manner as you manage debts is one of the best ways to manage retirement. Take professional financial advice and go in for Online Investment options so you will not feel the pain of investing every time. 

To put it in a nutshell

  1. Make the best use of your early twenties to save the maximum possible for your retirement.
  2. Avoid comparing what you have with what others have so you don’t fall a prey to spending on unwanted things
  3. Let savings be on the top of your priority list at all points of time
  4. Develop your knowledge as you grow up so it will be the best investment you make ever
  5. Make yourself ready to face the huge challenges life throws on you from time to time
  6. Satisfy your basic needs at all point of time and avoid frittering your hard earned money on luxuries
  7. Keep yourself out of debts as you reach mid forties so you can save more for your retirement


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