Tax Planning and financial planning are both interlinked and are an essential part of managing your money. Tax planning is an integral part of financial planning and you must be aware of how to do the former to perfect the way you do the latter. To adopt effective tax and financial planning techniques it is important to understand both of them and their importance.


What is Financial Planning?

In layman terms, financial planning refers to managing the money that you possess in such way so that you will be able to meet all your future financial goals, be they long term or short term. In short, it is a plan that you create so that you can squeeze out some extra money for your savings, your investments or to spend. It is a great method for you to reduce the stress levels that you have concerning your money and start enjoying life a lot more.


Why is financial planning so important?

Financial planning is important in order to improve your financial well-being. In fact, a good financial plan will do wonders with your overall financial status. Financial Plans are important as they will help you manage your incomes systematically, they will also increase your cash flow and now you will have enough money to spend on investments and amenities. If you have goals in life, such as buying a house or buying a car, a good financial plan is always beneficial. A good financial plan means that you will have better financial security and you will see a good increase in your savings.


What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning refers to the process of managing your taxes in such a way so as to pay fewer taxes or to postpone them. Tax planning is a set of practices that you follow to receive a deduction for your taxes legally.


Why Tax Planning in Financial Planning?

Tax planning is essential to build a good financial plan. Why you may ask. The main reason is that taxes are a huge amount of money that you pay throughout your life thus, gaining control over this amount will help you gain control over your entire financial situation. Of course, this doesn’t mean avoiding taxes entirely, but using your tax planning tools efficiently. Planning to reduce your taxes is extremely important to gain a good financial status and be in control of all of your money.


How to make financial planning more effective via tax planning?

Tax planning has to be done right for it to show significant impact on your financial plan. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind when planning your taxes.

– Always file your returns- Take enough time to file your returns when you pay them. Not filing your taxes may end up in you having to pay penalties.

– Follow your tax planning techniques throughout the year to ensure good results at the end of it by Cordinating Your Chartered accountant and Financial Planner.Financial planners help in Building a portfolio where your investments are made in tax-free avenues whose maturities are taxfree or having negligible taxes.

– Transfer your incoming into a non-taxable status as this can guarantee you a good deduction from the total taxes that you have to pay.


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