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Growth Story

Established as a wealth management Startup in 2011 by Shekhar and Vipin Bhutani, emphasizing Goal Based investing, the company today manages 3500 client. Years of experience in wealth management and a visionary attitude or mutual growth of company and its customer, brought Shekhar and Vipin to lay down the foundations stones of Wealth Direct Emphasis. Combined with trust, integrity and reliability Wealth Direct offers unmatchable services and assistance to investors.

What We Do?

Are you planning to invest your hard earned money to reach your life goals but confused what to do next?

Are you planning for your retirement but not sure how to start?

If your answers to these question is ‘Yes’, then you are at right place and in right hand. Wealth Direct objective is to understand the financial situation of each of its customer and provide a tailor-made and customized financial solutions to help its customers to reach their life goals. Since the needs of each customers differ from one another, our financial solutions also customized to suit the needs of our clients. Our tactical tools and expertise helps us to deliver the right set of financial strategies and recommendations strengthened from research and monitoring the progress of eclectic range of investment strategies employed by paramount intellects in investment industry. 

What makes us unique?

‘You’ are our valuable investment. We guide ‘you’ through your investments. ‘You’ inspire us in wealth building driving us to look for solutions that would benefit ‘you’ the most. Our basic ideology starts with ‘you’. All our activities are focussed towards your development. We aspire to build a long term trustworthy relationship with ‘you’, which will be beneficial to ‘you’ as well as us. ‘You’ make us devise a strategy for ‘you’. All investment strategies we build for ‘you’ is to make ‘you’ succeed financially. Our team displays high levels of consistency adapting every aspiration of yours into decision making pertaining to investments. In Wealth Direct, we follow a strategy that is strongly based on ‘YOU’. In our ‘You’ strategy

Y represents Your goals

O stands for Our commitment

U is a pointer to Unbelievable Wealth Creation

How we can shape Your Financial Life?

Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”.
We help you to achieve your life goals & create wealth by guiding you through Tax reduction strategies. Let us start working together. We are sure we will bring smiles to your face and life.
We deploy advanced technological Applications to make decisions pertaining to best investment strategies. We help you in the creation, preservation and management of long term wealth and see to it that you achieve your financial goals successfully. We do this by determining the extent of Insurance and Investment you may require to safeguard yourself and your family members. By guiding you to invest in a timely manner in the right avenues, we ensure risks are optimized & avoiding costly mistakes. We understand the suitable retirement option for your specific needs post retirement and ensure you live a retirement life as dreamt by you.

How We Can Create Value?

Right from the time of inception, we at Wealth Direct ensure that every client of ours gets the following from us at all points of time.

  • Financial advice that has no hidden agendas but is authentic and unbiased in nature
  • Undisputable expert knowledge to provide relevant advice that suits individuals on an individual case basis
  • Crystal clear guidance about your current financial status and the destination you need to reach
  • Enlightening every customer with the current trends and actual scenarios as against the prevailing myths and ambiguities

Awards & Recognition

The significance of having a financial planner creating and managing financial plans helps you to vision the bigger picture of your portfolio and align them to your short term and long term goals. Mapping goals to investment is the industry recommended advice followed religiously by our financial experts. Wealth Direct Emphasis helps you to stay focused on your goals, avoid costly financials mistakes and its financial plan strengthen your financial decisions and keep you on track to meet the life’s goal. 


To offer high quality financial advice By leveraging our market expertise to the Indian investors’ benefit


Contribute to the Financial Freedom of Individuals by making them invest in Suitable Avenues so they can become wealthy and happy in every aspect of life

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