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Misconceptions about Rd Interest

Secrets to Help You Get High Returns on Your Investments in India

Everyone loves to get very high returns on their investments. After all, that is the whole purpose of making investments in the first place. If you are looking to get high returns...
Common filing mistakes

7 Top Financial Resolutions For Superb Success in 2019

New Year Resolutions are the perfect fuel to get you motivated, driven and more focused on the aspects of your self-growth that need your maximum attention.It is Important to...
Equity Mutual Fund vs Equity Shares

Equity Shares Vs Equity Mutual Fund : Which is Better Way of Investing

What is that one thing that is common for everyone you know in your life? Well, there are several things that you can find standard in a bunch of people, but...
claiming HRA Exemptions

Claiming HRA Tax exemption in different rental situations

House Rent Allowances is one of those allowances that save a lot of tax for people who feel burdened by the same. Unlike many other salary components House Rent Allowance (HRA)...
Are you feeling confused about the many aspects involved in Tax savings

Checklist and Guide for submitting investment proofs to prevent excess Tax Deduction

   The Deadline of Investment Proof Submission is approaching fast and it is time to Submit Investment Proofs to Employer. As days pass by, stress levels peak. It is during this time...
financial resolutions for Success in Year 2018

11 Top financial resolutions for Success in Year 2018

Harsha Sinha was a bit upset over his financial achievements during the earlier year despite setting clear-cut resolutions. He had not achieved many financial goals mainly due to financial reforms that...
Common filing mistakes

9 reason you can take why to invest right now

  All the financial planners recommend that is a good idea to start investing at a young age. If you have just started a job and by end of each month, you...

What is Bitcoins and how it works? Should You Invest in it ?

Change is the only constant. As much as this statement is applicable to the other aspects of human life is the same applicable to finance too. Money plays a crucial role...

Power of Compounding The Eighth Wonder of World

Compounding is a word which means ‘increasing by manifold levels’. When it comes to finance, compounding means ‘our money multiplying in unbelievable leaps and bounds’. Any good Financial Advisor will tell...

Financial Planning

Financial coach To Help you get richer

   All of us are loaded with commitments. We keep running behind meeting these commitments one after the other. Our increase in income is not...

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