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WealthDirect Platform is  a comprehensive automated investment management, reporting and online transaction system in a Common Unified login  which helps you to have anytime access to your Investments along with better control & convenience.Our Robust Alert Management System keeps you updated about your investment due dates  and ensure regular communication on your goals and wealth.you will receive Buy / Sell / Hold recommendations on your existing portfolio backed byby our stringent Research across Different Product Classes.Systematic Investment Plan Advisors ?At WealthDirect we help Investor Follow Disciplined Process of Investing in Mutual Funds.Systematic Investment Plan, as the very name suggests is one of those investment options available for investors with high levels of prudence. The investment plan involves periodic investment of money in Mutual Funds in the name of SIP. The periodicities range between weekly, monthly and quarterly depending on the preference of the investors. Let us look at the various aspects of Systematic Investment Plan, reasons to invest in the same and how exactly the same works.

How exactly SIP works? 

SIP is basically a mechanism of investing in Mutual Fund products that are highly methodical in nature.  It enables investors to invest small chunk of amounts in a periodic manner that suits them Investors get returns on their investment in the form of what are termed as Units appreciation.  Investors invest a fixed amount agreed upon at the beginning of the SIP month on month Investors can initiate a SIP at any point of time by filling in an Application Form and SIP Mandate Form  They can choose the suitable SIP date every month and indicate the same right at the time of starting the same Investors can choose the periodicity of SIP out of the three options available for them – weekly, monthly and quarterly They can opt to make payments either through Auto Debit facility or Post Dated Cheque whichever is their choice in the set periodicities.

Why invest in SIP?

SIP is about investing for a long time than waiting to invest at the right time. If we wait for Market to go down for investing in the same, we may miss out the rally and land up investing when the markets are on the very high levels. Let us look at some compelling reasons substantiating why investing in SIP is a prudent decision over other investment options.

Timing the market is not necessary

SIP is a highly flexible investment option which can be initiated by the Investors at any point of time during a year. Based on the amount you invest in SIP, number of units is allocated to you.

Fosters an approach that is highly disciplined

Investing in SIP fosters a disciplined habit of periodical savings in investors. This discipline brings in a strong commitment in you to move towards your financial goal in a constant pace. Investing in SIP makes investors financially stronger every passing day. Get in touch with your Investment Advisor who can explain to you about the complete discipline that SIP can inculcate in you as an Investor and your money building activities.

The SIP volatility – Rupee Cost Averaging

Equity SIP is an highly volatile investment option which offers huge benefits owing to the averaging that happens in the cost of rupee when investments are made long term. The volatility of SIP is mainly due to the market the investment goes in to which is in reality volatile by itself. The main advantage your investment in SIP products experiences is Rupee Cost Averaging which is a concept that emphasizes in balancing out the earning capacity. For instance, when you regularly invest in SIP, your money earns higher number of units automatically when the cost of the same is low. In the same wave length, your money earns lower units when the cost is high. This safeguards you from guessing market trends and its impact on your investments giving you a profit edge over the same. 

Droplet of water creates ocean

The compounding powerPower of compounding acts as the basis of growing money at a higher pace. The earlier you start investing in your life, the more money you can accumulate. This mainly happens due to the concept called Compounding which is nothing but money earning more money through investments. Starting investments early in life and investing in a regular manner offers compounding effect to your investments.

Weighs light on your wallet 

SIP investments can be started even for meagre amounts as per the preference of the investors. Since SIP need to be paid only in installments, it does not weight heavy on the investors’ pockets. This makes SIP a suitable investment option for all classes of people

Consistency in investment procures huge gains

When you start saving through SIP at an early stage in life, the power of compounding increases your wealth and Rupee Cost Averaging averages out all possible losses. Looking at the same from a long term angle, your money grows in multitude levels making you a money expert at a very early age than others on a comparative scale. Your Investment Advisor will be able to show you the immense growth SIP can offer you when started during early stages in life

Flexible and convenient

Investing in SIP does not compel you to fill out cumbersome forms month on month. Investing in SIP products avoids you the hassle of standing in long queues to pay the same every month. SIP investments can be done through Electronic Clearance Service or post dated Cheque which is not the case with other form of investments. This flexibility offers high levels of convenience to investors who prefer investing in SIP over other investment options.Learn more about Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) getting in touch with your Investment Advisor. Investment Advisors are thoroughly updated about the ongoing market trends in Mutual Funds and related products. He will be able to provide you thorough guidance pertaining to the SIP you may initiate and its characteristics that can make you accumulate wealth in an easy and fast paced manner.

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