Myths about Income Tax Return Filing, Best Taxsaving Plans In india, best financial Planing in india,

9 Myths about Income Tax Return Filing to avoid Notices

Many myths prevail pertaining to Income tax filing leading to wrong filing of the same. Some such myths are enlisted below for clarity of all Income Tax Return filers.
Misconceptions about Rd Interest

5 Misconception about RD interest Every Investor Should Know ?

Common public have many misconceptions when it comes to different types of financial products offered in the market. Recurring Deposit is one such financial products about which general public...
Best Health Insurance Plans in India

Complete guide on Tax Saving Deductions on Medical Insurance

Many myths prevail in air when it comes to finance and insurance related matters. One of the main reasons for such misunderstanding is the lack of complete knowledge about the financial and...
Interest is fully taxable Best Taxsaving Plans In india, best financial Planing in india,

Tax Misconceptions Every Investor Must Know about Various Fixed Income Investments

One of the misconceptions that many investors have in mind is that the Interest component earned through their investments in Fixed Deposits and many other financial products are non taxable. This belief...
Are you feeling confused about the many aspects involved in Tax savings

How to avoid Extra Tax Deductions from Your Employer ?

Refund delays happen when Income Tax returns are filed with wrong details or in a delayed manner. Income Tax Assessees who procrastinate filing Tax Returns on time or in advance does not...
Higher education interest fully deductible Best Taxsaving Plans In india, best financial Planing in india,

Higher education interest Deduction – A Boon with Unlimited Tax Deduction

Education plays a significant role in everyone’s life and is one of the costliest aspects among the many others. High cost education does not deter people from studying and aspiring people still...
Complete Guide on Income Tax Refund Best Taxsaving Plans In india, best financial Planing in india,

Complete Guide on Income Tax Refund

Paying Income Tax in set periodicities is the responsibility of all citizens who fall in the Income Tax bracket. The Income Tax Department of India has set clear cut rules and...
Best Investment Plan in india

Which is the Best & Only Insurance Plan an Individual Must Choose?

Insurance policies have always been considered as Tax savings instruments and we take most such policies during the end of fiscal year to save on tax. Investors who invest in Life Insurance...
Misconceptions about Rd Interest

22 Tax Saving Options You should Know

PPF – Public Provident Fund Bit confused? Well, it will be a lot easier if you enlist the professional assistance of the financial consultants in india.People can...
Common filing mistakes

10 Common Income tax filing mistakes You should Avoid

Government rules pertaining to filing Income Tax returns have been set in a simple and clear cut manner. Every citizen who earns more than the stipulated slabs of Income has the responsibility...



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